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KYC-Chain will join hands with the Free Republic of Liberland for the state’s citizenship onboarding program.

We are proud to announce that KYC-Chain will be partnering with the Free Republic of Liberland for the state’s citizenship onboarding program.

Through the partnership, KYC-Chain can help the Free Republic of Liberland in its citizenship onboarding program. With its state-of-the-art proprietary software, KYC-Chain can effectively aid the state in identifying eligible candidates to award citizenship.

Some of the unique and state-of-the-art features that KYC-Chain can help the Free Republic of Liberland with are:

  • KYC-Chain offers live API integrations to government databases with real time data updates every 24 hours.
  • This includes validation of company data for 139 different countries covering over 160m companies and data checks from over 10,000 data source points.
  • Algorithmic and anti-tampering validity checks provide a 40 point likeliness score to spot fake pictures and documents.
  • Applicants can quickly and easily complete forms online and upload required enrollment documents.
  • Create custom templates and define questions and documents needed for a specific process.
  • Digitally approve or reject each application when all relevant processes are complete.

About KYC-Chain

KYC-Chain provides state-of-the-art compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes, with a special focus on identity and customer onboarding. Since 2014, KYC-Chain’s proprietary software has helped service providers successfully process over 500,000 KYC applications in a cost-effective way. To learn more, please book a demo.

About the Free Republic of Liberland

The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube River.

The state came into existence on the basis of unclaimed land following the dissolution of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991. In fact, for many decades, it has been uninhabited and no claim was ever made to this piece of land. It was, therefore, Terra Nullius – a no man’s land – until Vít Jedlička and Jana Markovičová proclaimed it as the Free Republic of Liberland on 13 April 2015. Interested readers can learn more about the state here.