LAHORE : On Kashmir File Movie , A senior JKLF leader and American based Kashmir Global Council, Raja Muzaffar has strongly condemned the Indian prime minister Modi and his BJP government for spreading Hindu-Muslim Hatred.

Kashmir File : Raja Muzaffar Condemns Modi for Promoting Hatred
Raja Muzaffar

He was referring to a regime sponsored film titled Kashmir File, where Hindus are encouraged to forcibly marry Muslim women to outnumber Muslims. He said Modi promotes this film, while a film on massacre of the Muslims in Gujrat by Modi himself was banned.

Raja Muzaffar said Modi himself is a figure of abuse who enjoys hatred. He is a prime minister, but he provokes people against each other rather than uniting them. He has no respect for anyone other than Hindus in the country . He is a dangerous man for a regional and international peace. The world must take notice of his anti human policy.