KOTLI : Activists of the pro state unity party Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front protest both at home and abroad against a raid on the house of the president of jklf Kotli city. The protesters allege that local police forced by Pakistan’s Federal Agencies took by force the printed copies of a document titled “Declaration of Independence” along with other party literature. The jklf also alleges that the mobile phones of their members present at house had also been snatched and that raiding corps was unnecessarily aggressive.

When RAZ approached for comments, a senior leader of the JKLF heading its Diplomatic Section in AJK, Quayyum Raja said that the raid was inconcevable since the statement of the “Declaration of Independence” was read out to over 7000 audience in Palandri Convention on 4 of September and the announcement was watched over on media by million of viewers all over the world.

Therefore, there was nothing new and nothing hidden, said Mr. Raja. Asked what could be the reason behind the raid, Quayyum Raja said it looks like an attempt to put a psychological pressure on the JKLF, but he added, it will be counterproductive. The time has changed. Young generation is now more vocal and valiant. People are rather mocking the Pakistani Prime Minister, who claims himself to be the ambassador and advocate of Jammu Kashmir. They say “the advocate has raided his muakkil” (client). Quayyum Raja has described Pakistani government’s decision to raid the said house as “unwise and unnecessary.”