Targeted Killing in Kashmir is a conspiracy

By: Quayyum Raja : We all dream some sort of dreams. Some of us dream only about ourselves while some other dream of the future of everyone. Those who think about others certainly command respect and those who sacrifice their lot for the rest of humankind are the ones who become our heroes.

A Dream, Act & Hope : Quayyum Raja
Syeda Tahmine Mozaffari

I have some friends in Iran including Dr. Noorbuksh and Syeda Tahmine Mozaffari, who dream about unity in the Muslim World. They want to initiate their efforts in the Middle East. They think it is easier to unite the Ummah if Middle East is united first. They have a proper plan and policy to make their dream come true.

They suggest an end to a proxy war in the Middle East. Only the enemies of the global peace benefit from protracted proxy wars. Dr. Noorbuksh is an Iranian intellectual and political and human rights activist, while Syeda Tahmine Mozaffari is Balkhi by background but born to Afghan refugee parents in Iran. She proudly says she belongs to the birth place of Jalal Ud Deen, alia Rumi, who tried all his life to unite people through love for Allah. Rumi believed that if people truly loved Allah, they would not hate his creatures regardless of their backgrounds.

A Dream, Act & Hope : Quayyum Raja
Dr. Noorbuksh

Backing up their argument with historical evidence, Dr. Noorbuksh and Tahmine Mozaffari refer to the Westphalia Peace Treaty signed on 16 October 1648 that ended a 30 years long conflict in Europe instigated by a religious power struggle between Catholics and Protestants. Nobody would have believed in 1648 that there would ever be a European Union with 28 member states but it is a pleasant reality today. Not only this, EU is the only region in the world where most people would like to live in today.

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If Middle East is given a chance to peace and if the leaders of the region act wisely, the dream of Dr. Noorbuksh and Tahmine Mozaffari shared by billions can certainly become a new reality. Europe has taken four centuries to achieve its aims, but if people sharing a dream of peace in the Muslim World come together, they can certainly achieve their goal of peace with justice much sooner. Malaysia Islamic Summit about three years ago was also a good step forward in this regard. May Allah help us to help ourselves.