Tehran: The Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Public Diplomacy Quayyum Raja has arrived in Tehran on 6 of August. In a meeting with the editor of the Nour news, Mohammad Ghadri, Raja has described the purpose of his visit.

He said he wanted to create awareness of the current situation of Jammu Kashmir in Iran, where people of Iran are very sympathetic to Kashmir, called “Uran-e-Sagher.” He thanked the Iranian government for supporting opposition to India’s 5th August 2019 decision on the removal of the special status of Jammu Kashmir. Iran had protested nationally against India’s illegal decision and the Iranian parliament had passed a resolution against India’s decision.

The resolution had been presented by Dr. Ali Mathati, a member of Iranian Parliament. Mr. Raja told Mohammad Ghadri that he hopes Iran will continue its moral and diplomatic support. He has submitted a fresh letter to the Foreign Minister of Iran on the ongoing situation in Jammu Kashmir. He reiterated that India-Pakistsn bilateralism on Kashmir is not a solution to Kashmir saga.

Jammu Kashmir is a quadrilateral issue, where China is also a party, but difference is that the people of Jammu Kashmir are owners of their state and others are occupiers. The Kashmir problem should be resolved with the wishes of the people of Jammu Kashmir.