European Union Opens its Borders for Liberland

Consul General Liberland to Pakistan H.E Faisal Butt said that “07th August 2023 is a historical day for Republic of Liberland as Republic of Croatia, which is part of the European Union has opened its borders for citizens & visitors of Liberland to pass through it freely. This significant step was taken following positive and friendly developments with the Croatian side”.

President Vit Jedlicka said during the opening ceremony that “This is a small step for Liberland but, I think, a big step for humanity. It reflects our commitment to international cooperation, freedom and fairness. We eagerly anticipate fostering stronger ties with our neighbors and the global community.”

H.E Faisal Butt Said that ” As of today, it is possible to visit Liberland. Visits should be planned carefully and in advance as the border crossing is at present open only during daylight hours. This was decided in mutual understanding with Croatian border police. The border crossing post is established for both land and river traffic, but the actual crossing into Liberland is currently available only for land traffic on foot”.

“Liberland’s continued effort to establish regular border relations with its closest Neighbour is underpinned by Liberland’s drafting of its new Border Law, which provides a robust framework for immigration and border control”. he added.