Syed Shahid Abbas Kazmi

Written by : Shahid Kazmi

PMLN is falling into his own trap. Maryam Nawaz is really now hurting the interest of PMLN and JUIF led opposition alliance, PDM. But more or less, no one is bothering about this huge loss to the politics of PMLN. Apart from rectifying own faults, PMLN is trying to impose his way of politics on ANP and PPP. This is not going to happen at all. PPP really bounced back on PMLN regarding show cause notice issued the General Secretary of PDM and Senior Member of PMLN, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. Notices were issued to PPP and ANP for their role in nomination of Yousaf Raza Gillani as leader of the opposition in the Senate of Pakistan and seeking support from BAP. ANP already now stands out of PDM in response to this notice of PDM. PPP is also thinking to lead the way by ignoring JUIF and PMLN. Senior Leadership of PPP has already shown concerns regarding domination of PMLN and JUIF in PDM. Opinion emerged as PPP is a major stakeholder as they have Power in Sindh Province, the second largest province of Pakistan. But on the other hand, PPP became third liners in PDM beside PMLN and JUIF.

Story behind issued SCN to PPP and ANP was to tackle PPP continues moves without any consultation with PDM. And Maryam Nawaz hopes to get PPP under some pressure with notice issued through PDM. But unfortunately, the situation changed dramatically for PMLN. Issue regarding support of BAP for nomination of Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and then notified as Leader of the Opposition in the Senate is not just getting faded away as PPP is not interested now to sit in the PDM alliance. There are rumors regarding creation of another opposition alliance. But this time, PPP will lead the alliance instead of JUIF or PMLN. Opinion is building up within PPP leadership that PMLN showed all his cards and has nothing to lose but PPP has a lot to lose. Sindh Government, Seat of Leader of the Opposition in Senate of Pakistan and Power sharing formula is already in discussion as future plans in politics of Pakistan. Why should PPP follow the PMLN in the PDM Alliance? Why does PMLN get a leading role in PDM? Why is JUIF emerging as the only face of PDM? These all questions are just irritating PPP leadership and now ANP are also having the same opinion and word just like PPP. Asfand Yar Wali and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari are really coming close to forming a new opposition alliance to set a different tone for politics of Pakistan. PMLN adopted a hard line in PDM but there is confirmation that PPP is trying to lead a new alliance with having a rather soft corner. PPP is already facing taunts to be called as “Friendly Opposition”. But PPP is seriously revisiting his stance regarding Policies of PTI led Federal Government.

PPP is playing his cards nicely as Bilawal already showed support to Hamza Shahbaz as new CM of Punjab. He in a press talk few days back, categorically said that PPP will support Hamza Shahbaz for an in house change as He is Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly. How beautifully, PPP is successfully managing to cash family rifts of Sharif Family. Shahbaz Sharif is known for his logical opinion always. Hamza is on his footprints. But on the other hand, not only Mian Nawaz Sharif is following a hard line in politics but Maryam Nawaz is also showing some angry faces to PTI Family. Further to the current political environment of Pakistan, more irritation for PMLN as PPP and ANP said GoodBye to Politics of PDM. And by having no power share in all provinces and on Federal Level, PDM was only hope for PMLN for their voice to be heard. Right now, PDM is just breathing heavily, to regain the discussion slot in Politics of Pakistan. But it is obvious and visible that the future belongs to PPP to get a powerful role as the only party to enjoy power and opposition both at a time. But PMLN is digging up its own grave by following angry behavior without any logical arguments.