Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen has corrected the mind of an abusive boy.

A video of Sushmita Sen’s old interview is going viral in the Indian media in which the actress told how she corrected the mind of a young boy for being rude.

“Once at the awards function, a 15-year-old boy insulted me. He thought I might not know because of the rush, but I grabbed his hand and grabbed him by the neck and took him away,” said Sushmita Sen. ۔

The actress said that she told the boy that if I made a fuss, his life would end here. At first, he forbade it, but when I told him harshly, he admitted his mistake, apologized and promised. That he will never do such a thing again.

Sushmita Sen said that he was only a 15-year-old boy and that is why I just let him go when no one told him that insulting anyone is not fun but a crime.

It should be noted that the actress has been missing from the Bollywood industry for several days, but recently Shashmita Sen appeared in the web series Arya, while now she is busy shooting for Arya Season 2.