WASHINGTON: The American University has revealed in its report on Corona statistics that by mid-May, the number of new cases coming up on a daily basis worldwide due to the Indian variant will reach 15 million.

According to Dawn.com, the Institute for Health Matrix and Evolution (IHME) at the University of Washington in the United States has revealed in its recent research report that due to the rapidly increasing cases of corona in India, South Asian countries Pakistan, Bhutan and Maldives The total number of cases in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will be high, bringing the total number of daily corona cases worldwide to 15 million.

The report, calling South Asia a global hotspot at the moment, said the number of deaths in India could quadruple to 13,000 a day by mid-May, while new cases are being detected in India. The rate is only 5 per cent, though it should have been more than 20 per cent, meaning that the number of new cases and deaths per day in India is 30 times higher than the official figures.