Mumbai : India’s famous Kannada actress killed her brother for objecting to her relationship with the boy and hid his body in the forest.

According to Indian media, police say that Kannada actress Shinaya Katvi allegedly killed her brother Rakesh along with her friend Niaz.

Police say a burnt and packed body was found in a plastic bag on April 12 in the forest of Deorgodhal. was done.

According to police officials, when the matter was further investigated, it was found that Rakesh was the biggest obstacle in the love between actress Shinaya Katvi and Niaz, so he was killed and his body was cremated and buried in the forest.

According to Indian media, the police interrogated actress Shinaya Katri, Niaz and their three friends to investigate the matter and found out that Niaz’s family members were also involved in Rakesh’s murder.

According to the police, the preliminary investigation shows that Rakesh was killed due to a love affair, however, further investigations into the incident are underway.