India : Yuvsatta Volunteers Recorded Protest

Chandigarh:  Today, in a show of solidarity with people of Afghanistan, Yuvsatta Female Volunteers & Kitabghar Girls Parliaments Members, through a public protest appealed to free and save Salima Mazari-the female Afghan governor captured by Taliban on day one of their claim of general amnesty for all.

Sharing his concerns Pramod Sharma, Founder of Yuvsatta said that; “they hear that if international leaders and UN agencies didn’t act soon, Salima can be assassinated by Taliban, as they are known for their stand against people resisted their dominion, especially women who flouted their rigorous Sharia law compliance”.

Pramod further added that “at a time when top Afghan leaders, including President Ashraf Ghani, fled the country fearing persecution by the Taliban, Salima Mazari decided to stay in the Balkh province till her district of Chahar Kint was captured by the Taliban.

Pinky a volunteer of Yuvsatta added that being a woman they are standing in solidarity with women of Afghanistan as the future of Afghanistan is unclear, but what is certain is the need for women and girls to be part of the solution and the way forward.