India has arrested a former Jammu Kashmir minister, Babu Singh. He has been accused of his involvement in the so called “Hawala Money Case.” Several Muslim leaders are already in prison in the Hawala Case where they were accused of money laundering.

Babu Singh is the chairman of Nature-Mankind Friendly Global Party, which campaigns for a peaceful solution to Jammu Kashmir. He has been very vocal against the permanent division of Jammu Kashmir on the basis of religion and ethnicity.

Natural-Mainkind Friendly Global Party leaders and members have strongly condemned staged drama against party chairman. They said their chairman has nothing to do with any Hawala money nor has he any prior knowledge of it. Whoever has done it, had bad intentions to malign Babu Singh and his Global party image. Babu Singh stands for unity and non-communal politics. Therefore, some elements want to silence him.

The Global party leaders and members all over the world and from all divided regions of Jammu and Kashmir state believe that it is nothing but recently party chairman,s demand of restoration of article 370 and special status of Jammu and Kashmir state from Indian side and trilateral dialogues process between three stakeholders such as Jammu Kashmir, India and Pakistan. The Global party has been opposing any kind of militancy , counter militancy and always condemns violence in the state .

Global party has given best vision document and suggested best solution of Jammu and Kashmir state dispute . Global party demands Jammu and Kashmir state authorities and central Indian government to stop harassing party chairman and party members and leaders of indian side of Jammu and Kashmir region immediately. Babu Singh is the only non Muslim leader from Jammu and Kashmir state who has opposed demolition of state status by BJP central government which was absolutely unconstitutional, undemocratic and illegal action taken by Indian government on 5 of August 2019 .

Global party would never accept status of union territory nor will it ever accept permanent division of jsmmu and kashmir state. Global party leadership thinks that only peaceful solution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute is a way out .

(The statement is Issued by Nature-Mankind Friendly Global Party.)

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