Who is Lt . General (R) Tariq Khan HI(M)

A commission headed by Lt. Genenral Tariq Khan (R) has been formed to investigate the foreign conspiracy against the No Confidence Motion which will decide in 90 days.

Lt Gen (R) Tariq Khan who recently advocated for the dissolution of the Parliamentary system in Pakistan has been nominated by federal government to head a commission to probe allegations of a foreign conspiracy against Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

 Who is Lt . General (R) Tariq Khan HI(M)
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Who is Lt . General (R) Tariq Khan HI(M)

Genenral Tariq Khan (R) is Chief Executive & Managing Director of Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, FFC Energy Limited and Fauji Fresh n Freeze Limited and also holds directorship on the Boards of following renowned companies:

  1. Askari Bank Limited
  2. Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited
  3. Fauji Foods Limited (Chairman)
  4. Fauji Meat Limited (Chairman)
  5. FFBL Foods Limited (Chairman)
  6. FFBL Power Company Limited
  7. OLIVE Technical Services (Private) Limited (Chairman)
  8. Pakistan Maroc Phosphore S.A.
  9. Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited
  10. Thar Energy Limited

The General Tariq Khan is Chairman of Fertilizer Manufacturers of Pakistan Advisory Council (FMPAC) and Sona Welfare Foundation (SWF). He is also member of the Executive Committee & Board of Governors of Foundation University, Islamabad and Director on the Board of International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

The General was commissioned in Pakistan Army in April 1977 with the coveted Sword of Honour. He remained employed on various command, staff and instructional assignments. He is a graduate of Command and Staff College Quetta, National Defence University Islamabad, and remained on the faculty at both institutions. He holds Master Degree in War Studies. Since his retirement, he is on the honorary faculty of National Defence University as a senior mentor. The General also possesses vast experience as adviser to leading corporate entities.

He was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) and is also the first Pakistan Army General who had been conferred the U.S ‘Legion of Merit’ by the U.S Government for his meritorious services as a Senior National Representative at U.S CENTCOM in Tampa, Florida.

Background of Letter Gate:

It is to be noted that in his address to a public meeting in Islamabad on March 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan had waved a letter and said that an attempt was being made to change the government with the help of money from outside the country. There is a letter that proves this.

Then on March 31, in his address to the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned the country of the letter and mentioned the name ‘America’ and then stopped when he realized the mistake and said that no, the name of the country from outside means outside of any other country. However, he later said that the letter was sent by his ambassador to the United States, but that it contained a message from the United States.

The Prime Minister said, “This is an official document. Our ambassadors were taking note of the meeting in which it was said that if Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister, our relations with you will deteriorate and you will face difficulties.” We will have to face, someone from abroad is threatening us and there is no reason, just one thing that Imran Khan decided to go to Russia alone.

“The decision to go to Russia was made in consultation with the Foreign Office and the military leadership. Our ambassador is telling them that it was done in consultation. He said no, it was only because of Imran Khan.” As far as he is concerned, our relations cannot be good. In fact, he is saying that we have no problem with Imran’s replacement.

Later, justifying the same letter, the Deputy Speaker National Assembly did not vote on the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister on April 3 and rejected the no-confidence motion as a conspiracy of enemies of the country.