Floods in Pakistan:

Vienna: AGD AVRUPA GENÇLİK DERNEĞİ EUROPEAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION expressed deep sorrow and sympathy over current floods situation in Pakistan.

In his statement, the president of  European Youth Association Arif Şen MA Said “We Feel Pakistan’s Pain in Our Hearts Human history is a kind of history of natural disasters, Floods, Earthquakes and plague epidemics have seriously affected the lives of human which have destroyed cities and destroyed crops many times”

Today , we witness many natural disasters in various parts of the world and observe the wounds and damages caused by these disasters . Unfortunately , the last example of these painful situations we mentioned was the flood disaster in Pakistan.

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According to the statements made so far , it has been stated that the number of people who lost their lives in the flood disaster across the country is 1,333 and the number of injured is 1,527 . In addition to these figures , 662 thousand 446 houses were damaged due to the flood , and almost one of every three damaged houses was destroyed .

Humans were not the only victims of this tragic disaster , and more than half a million cattle perished . The flood disaster , which affected approximately five and a half million people , went down in history as a major disaster .

We must bind up the wounds as soon as possible

At this point , we would like to point out that the figures expressed in thousands are not statistics . Every soul is precious , every soul lost is the common pain of humanity . With the understanding and consciousness we derive from our civilizational values , we approach the subject with a sensitivity that feels the pain of a thorn in the foot , let alone the loss of a brother’s life in Pakistan , in the countries and cities we live in Even if there is a distance of thousands of kilometers between us , we feel the pain experienced in this historical disaster in Pakistan , just as other organs feel this pain when one of the organs of the body suffers .

We invite the International Community to Solidarity

The gravity of the situation is obvious , the trouble that Pakistan is facing today is not only the problem of people of the same race , speaking the same language and sharing the same culture , but also the common pain of all humanity . For this reason , we invite the conscience of the international public to be united in the face of this disaster and for all humanbeen living on earth to show solidarity with the people of Pakistan . in the face of this tragic event , we consider it our duty to draw your attention to the following : Why are Islamic countries severely exposed to natural disasters where losses can be prevented with infrastructure works , and thousands or even tens of thousands of people lose their lives in earthquakes and floods ? We think that the answers to this question are an important step in solving many problems .

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