“Down to Earth”

1. What are we doing wrong
When fear, when darkness?
Where do we confuse traces
On land, near water?

What do you say in our chest?
I don’t understand? Help!
Why is everyone against us
And now this time?

2. We are changing riverbeds
Not for a year, not for a century.
We pull the soul from within –
From the earth, from the earth.

Heart, heart in half
Someone here, someone there.
The world is upside down
It’s all wrong, it’s all wrong!

To the ground, you hear, to the ground
Bow down to the gray plain.
Ask me to forgive you
Mother is the earth, then your Shrine!

3. Can just stop
Break everything, change everything.
Knowing exactly the essence of life
We have the power to return everything.

Just reach out your hand
To those who are weak, who are in the shadows.
Everything is possible to change
Release the birds into the sky!

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         “Irina Shulgina”