“There On the Coast of Childhood”

There, on the coast of childhood, like castles – at home,
And the trees are such a crazy height.
There, by the shore of childhood, the heart is a bird in the chest,
And I can’t find a better place.

There was light every day
And I seemed to be the happiest person in the world!
Spinning childhood carousel
And a fresh wind blew in my face.

You wrote me notes and escorted me home,
And of course, everyone dreamed of happiness in childhood.
And from our smiles the world seemed colored,
There, on the coast of childhood, we parted with you.

Maybe it’s still possible to return the magical world,
Where love and hope light my way.
Time rushes in a circle, the distance from the sky is brighter
We can return to childhood through our children!

“Irina Shulgina”