Delivering Dreams, BTK-2 : Shahid Kazmi

No one could even think of what is now a reality in Pakistan. Asia’s largest real estate developers? I think it’s not the right and appropriate interpretation of what Bahria Town did to Pakistan’s economy. Instead, now, we should call it the BRIGHT FACE OF PAKISTAN. Yes! And truly it is as not only in Karachi but also in Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi also reaching the remote areas of NawabShah, Bahria Town is trying to set new standards in construction and land development.

After showing the world what a Pakistani Brand can do, Bahria Town is now launching the second phase of the Bahria Town Karachi Project, commonly known as BTK-2. It’s not only a housing project now but delivering people’s dreams. Once it was of opinion that Bahria Town is only for the elite class of Pakistan but this myth is not addressed very well as registration for BTK-2 is widely open from the 05th of January, 2023 in all major cities where Bahria Town offices are operationally active i.e. Bahria Enclave Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Nawabshah and Bahria Town Peshawar.

In the current ongoing political unrest following financial crises, it is decided with the big heart of the Management of Bahria Town, The Chairman Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain & The CE, Mr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, to contribute to the country’s economy to invest and favor the homeland. In a widespread wave of moving investment out of Pakistan, Bahria Town is making a bold decision to launch a unique and artistic project in Karachi i.e. BTK-2.

It is important to mention here that the BTK-2 area is almost 50% developed even before its launch, which is not only amazing but interesting too.

Hopes and prayers are with the Management of BT that this project is not only a lifeline for Bahria Town but will contribute hugely to Pakistan’s economy.