Islamabad (Shahid Kazmi – Iran and China entering into New Era of cooperation by signing a deal for next 25 years. Two countries signed this deal even after concerns of UN and USA. No details published of 25 years deal, but there are hopes that this will change situation in the conflict zone of Middle East and Asia. China planning to invest heavily in infrastructure development, Defense, Energy, Agriculture, Health and rail road projects.

Iran bagged this deal on visit of Chinese President back in 2016, when China hoped to start 600 Billion Dollar investment in different projects in Iran. Iranian FM Muhammad Jawad Zarif and Chinese FM Wang Yi signed the, 25 years historical deal, in Tehran. Chinese FM also met with Iranian President Hassan Ruhani and representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamena,Ali Larejani. Both, China and Iran, become aides after sanctions imposed by UN.
It is of great importance that new US administration under Biden is not yet clear in their policy towards Iran. US still reluctant to revoke the status of Nuclear Deal with Iran. Iran is taking this deal with China as a new start of development era, after getting badly affected with Covid19.