Lahore: The Muftis of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey have issued a joint fatwa on vaccination against coronavirus while fasting.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Al-Azhar University and the UAE’s Dar-ul-Ifta have issued fatwas stating that “it is permissible to get the corona vaccine while fasting.” The fatwa states that the coronavirus vaccine does not break the fast.

In a statement issued here today, the President and Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council clarified that the vaccine can be administered while fasting in the light of a joint fatwa.

It should be noted that the process of vaccinating people against the virus is underway to protect people from all over the world. Vaccination of people aged 50 years and above has also started in Pakistan.

Earlier, muftis of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had also declared it permissible to administer the corona vaccine while fasting.