ISLAMABAD: Accountability Court of Islamabad approved 8-day physical remand of Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Al-Qadir Trust case. Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Accountability Court delivered a reserved verdict and handed over to NAB on 8-day physical remand.

The court ordered Imran Khan to appear again on May 17.

Earlier, the Al Qadir Trust case against Imran Khan was heard at New Guest House Police Lines by Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Accountability Court, in which Chairman PTI’s lawyers Ali Bukhari, Khawaja Haris and Barrister Gohar appeared in the court.

Hearing in Police Lines

During the hearing, the NAB prosecutor took the position that NAB needs further investigation for which Imran Khan should be given 14 days physical remand.

The court adjourned the hearing after the request of the NAB prosecutor, upon which Imran Khan told the court that he wanted to consult his lawyers.

After that, the former prime minister consulted his lawyers during a break in the hearing.

After the break, the hearing resumed in which Prosecutor Sardar Zulqarnain, Deputy Prosecutor NAB Muzaffar Abbasi, Special Prosecutor Rafi Maqsood and Investigation Officer Mian Umar Nadeem appeared.

The deputy prosecutor told the court that Imran Khan was shown the warrant at the time of his arrest.

I was given warrant after reaching NAB office: Chairman PTI

On this, Imran Khan said that I was given a warrant after reaching the NAB office, the deputy prosecutor said in the court that all necessary documents will be provided to Imran Khan’s lawyers.

During the hearing, Khawaja Haris said that the way Imran Khan was arrested, legally, the arrest is wrong. On this, the Deputy Prosecutor NAB said that we are describing the case of corruption here, the money was seized by the British National Crime Agency. The NCA returned that money to the Government of Pakistan, the looted money was maliciously adjusted to the business tycoon.

Khawaja Haris said that Al-Qadir Trust is running and a building has been constructed on this land, people are getting free education in Al-Qadir Trust, the trustee is a legal person, he is not a public office holder, Imran Khan at that time. Not public office holders.

They give an injection that causes the person to die slowly: Imran Khan

During the hearing, Imran Khan said in the court that which record do they want, which I do not believe, NAB is saying that we have to collect the record, whatever money came with the approval of the cabinet, in this we have two. There are options either if we agree then the money will come, secondly we have to litigate then we lose each case, we have spent 100 million rupees till date on litigation.

Chairman PTI said that I was detained and the glasses were broken, call my doctor, call Dr. Faisal, I say don’t do anything like Masood Chapadasi with me. Is.

Later, after hearing the arguments of the parties, the court reserved its decision on the request for physical remand.

After several hours, Judge Muhammad Bashir of the Accountability Court delivered the preserved verdict and handed over to NAB on 8-day physical remand.

The court ordered Imran Khan to appear again on May 17.