Pakistani actress Meera, who has always been embroiled in controversy, says she was sent to a US insane asylum and was not asked for 50,000 dollars as bail.

“There was a misunderstanding in a New York hospital and false news of leaving the United States was spread. I was neither sent to a lunatic asylum nor asked for ڈالر 50,000 as bail,” the superstar told Geo News.

Actress Meera said that America has not deported, I am working in Houston, I have arrived in Houston to work on showbiz promoter Rehan Siddiqui’s rain projects, media should take interest in my life but confirm before publishing news. Take it

On the other hand, showbiz promoter Rehan Siddiqui says that one false news after another was spread about the actress Meera. Meera is a talented artist that is why she has been invited to Houston.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, news was circulating about actress Meera that Meera was sent to a mental hospital in the United States and her alleged husband Captain Naveed paid 50 50,000 as bail and discharged Meera from the hospital.