Mumbai (Vidya- IndiaToday) A special court in Mumbai, Maharashtra, has sentenced a 65-year-old man to life in prison for raping his daughter and minor granddaughter under the Protection of Children for Family Sexual Offenses (POCSO).

Her daughter told the court that her father had raped her since she was 15 years old. After the marriage, his father threatened to harm his children if he told anyone about it.

The woman worked as a housemaid with her mother while her father, brother and husband worked as painters. The woman also told the court that she had told her neighbor about the sexual assaults.

The woman said that in 2017, her daughter told her that her grandfather had sexually abused her. After her daughter voiced her concern, the woman filed a complaint against her father.

Justice Rekha N Pandhire, after going through all the evidence and arguments, found the man guilty under Section 376 (2) (rape) of the IPC and the section of the Protection of Children from Fried Sex Act.

The court sentenced him to life imprisonment and ordered him to pay Rs 50,000 to his daughter and Rs 25,000 to his granddaughter.