94-Year-Old Gave 80,000 Euros to Scammers

VIENNA: The criminal police urgently advises: Never give out information about valuables, cash or bank balances. The police, the court or other reputable companies never obtain such information over the phone.

End dubious calls immediately or specifically ask for the name of the official, his office and how he can be reached by telephone. Report the matter to the nearest police station. Inform your relatives and friends about this scam. Call the local police station on the number you know.

Vorarlberg is currently being overwhelmed by a wave of calls from scammers. The criminals try to extract cash and valuables from their victims. In Bludenz, according to the police, a 94-year-old man was made to hand over money and valuables worth 80,000 euros to an alleged court official. The strangers pretend to be police officers, detectives or court officials.

In the phone calls they claim that burglaries have taken place in the neighborhood or that acquaintances are in prison and bail is required. These lies are intended to unsettle the interlocutors. In a case in Bludenz, the fraudsters also succeeded. They tricked a 94-year-old into handing over 80,000 euros of money and valuables to a stranger.