Lahore (Special Report) Young social leader Shahzad Roshan Gilani has been honored with Mentor Award of Hawks Youth Vision. It was given to him in recognition of his services related to youth. Earlier, other social organizations including Al-Khidmat Foundation have also honored him with the award.
Shahzad Roshan Gilani is also active as a board member of various youth organizations. Young leader Shahzad Roshan Gilani is a pioneer in mobilizing the youth while Al-Khidmat Foundation, Allah waley Trust, Al-Mustafa Trust, FGRF, Jugno Welfare and other social organization plants. They are also seen to be significantly active in other campaigns including planting.
Expressing his views, he said because this country belongs to the youth and the youth will now have to make a strong effort in every aspect and for this they will have to increase their capacity and God willing we will continue our efforts.