By : Ajay Shukla

It’s no secret that RSS is BJP’s policy maker. It defines it’s own Hindutava and strives to achieve the same and the face of this ideology is Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of India’s largest State Uttar Pradesh and the patron of the Gauraksha Peeth. Actually the name of Yogi is Ajay Singh Bisht. Nowadays he is the centre of prattle. He is facing a campaign which is not much relevant as on date. Actually Adityanath, being an ideologist of BJP is its future. He is being prepped up as the supercilious Hindu Saint Ruler not only in India but also globally.

Sangh has laid foundation of the same. Sangh has projected him as an accoutered Hindu nationalist face. A leader, who is capable of handling non Hindu Ideologies. There is no leader in the Hindutava Cauldron, who can match him. This is the reason when allegations of atrocities on Muslims in UP were leveled, the same instead of being quelled were encouraged. Preparations are afoot to enhance his image in the coming years. He is being projected as such a face of a radical Hindu leader, who does not bother about anyone and does not recluse from Sanatan and saintly traditions. He is a Saint both within and outside the Matth.

We shall have travel, three years, back in time, when BJP’s leadership never wanted Yogi as a Chief Minister but his name propped up during the ongoing brainstorming of Sangh in Kerala. Those leaders who had refused an audience to him, were scrambling to Lucknow to Coronate him. It is no myth that the Central leadership in order to defeat Yogi had seeded their myrmidons engulfing him, but Yogi as a tough administrator, brushed aside all of them. His honesty and dedication to Sangh fortified him so much that Yogi was presented as BJP’s brand. Message of Hindutava and the aspiration of a Hindu Nation were delivered to the public, through him, without a word being uttered. His unilateral policy was utilized to win over majority Hindus. Yogi was all success in this workshop. The buried passions of the Hindus were inflamed by his policy of building Ram Mandir and not stepping in Taj Mahal. The murderers of an Inspector found refuge in violence in the name of cowsalughter.

Moderbn and secularists as well as many BJP leaders criticized Yogi Aditayanath. Complaints were lodged but to no avail. How during Covid-19 cases were registered against the members of Muslim community and Jamatis of a Markaz are no secret. Criticism heaped benefits on Yogi in building his image as a radical Hindu. No protests like Shaheen Bagh were allowed to mushroom in UP despite it holding the largest population. Nothing was spared to put behind bars the Samajwadi and Muslim leader Azam Khan and his family. Court’s directions were repeatedly brushed aside to carry on his agenda which conveyed the message that Yogi has no fear of the Courts or of his top leadership. Last week when a campaign to remove him was launched he showed his indifference but sensing the gravity of the campaign the future Chief of Sangh rushed to Lucknow who after consultations delivered a message that Yogi is a saint and there cannot be any grievance against a saint.

Mohan Bhagwat, the Sar Sanghchalak reached Delhi to discuss over the issues ranging from political future to the results of the assembly elections and on the impeding elections and issued directions to work towards converting Covid-19 into an opportunity. He delivered the message amidst distancing himself from BJP and the ruling dispensation. He cleared the air by terming Yogi as suitable and his efforts as good governance. Speculations were rife when Yogi reached Delhi by a special plane, those who had no idea of BJP and sangh started rumoring that all is not well in Yogi’s regime. Truth is that he was summoned to Delhi to apprise him of the futuristic strategic plans. How carry the support from all sections of society and to gain from the Hindutava profile were discussed. Yogi’s visit to Delhi was part of the strategy to further strengthen him.

Yogi is addressed as Maharaj by Government Officials as well as by his party office bearers. Not only the radical Hindus but also those on social media address him as Maharaj. The aspirations of a Hindu Nation would be achieved if the Head of the State is a radical Saffornised Saint despite the State being enshrined as a Secular State in the Constitution. This is what RSS desires. Yogi’s Delhi visit also drove the message that he can discuss and advise but his future shall be determined only in Nagpur. It was also clearly delivered that no one shall benefit from indulging in intrigues against Yogi and he should learn the nuances of politics and strategy from the present National ruling dispensation and act as per the directives received from Sangh only. He is being chiseled for the future of BJP, as a tough administrator along with as an honest leader and a charismatic saint.

A couplet of Ramcharitramanas “sant hridaya navneet samana, khey kaviheen per kaha na jana. Nij paritap dravehin navneta, per dukh dravehin sant supuneeta.” was cited to drive the message of Sangh to those leaders and criticizers in BJP who were campaigning for removal of Yogi. If these dissenters work along with Yogi then they shall be taken care of and if otherwise than also they shall be taken care of by his tough administration. This is a reflection of Sangh’s ideology and for which some sacrifices are not too much.

(Writer is the Chief Editor of ITV Network)