Workshop for Media Influencers held in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Four-day capacity building workshop for Media Influencers conducted by Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) to promote peace and inter-religious harmony through different media platforms.

Participants Sitting in Hall

Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) conducted a Four-day capacity building workshop for Media Influencers from February 9-12, in Islamabad. The workshop aimed to capacitate diverse group of Media Influencers representing print media, electronic media and social media including male and female representatives of religious media on peace building and media skills. The participants expressed resolution to contribute for building peace, dialogue, and inter-religious harmony through diverse media platforms.

The workshop provided opportunity to discuss various themes such as understanding the role of media, media ethics, critical thinking, understanding fake news and how to counter it, debate of narratives and media. Participants were trained on enhancing their media skills on developing seed projects to promote peace and harmony in the society.

Workshop for Media Influencers held in Islamabad
Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman Receiving Certificate

Prominent trainers and media personals have joined the workshop as speakers including Azhar Hussain; President Peace and Education Foundation, Khursheed Nadeem;
Director Relgious Affairs at PTV, Naseem Zahra; Prominent Anchorperson, Sbookh Syed; Media Trainer, Umer Gilani; Advocate, Muhammad Hussain, an author and trainer, Rashad Bukhari; Muhammad Sameer, Digital Media Trainer and Ghulam Murtaza, Social Development Researcher and Director of PEF, Azam Khan; Contributer at BBC Urdu, Manzoor Kamran; Director Radio Pakistan and Awn Sahi Ishtiaq.

The speakers highlighted the critical need to discuss various issues such as hate speech, intolerance and violence and come up with remedies to overcome on this. Various workshop participants have expressed their views and considered a great initiative that increased their capacity as Media Influencers as well as designed strategies how to promote peace and inter-religious dialogue and harmony through media platforms.