When will the first fast be held in Pakistan? 

Like Muslims around the world, Pakistanis will soon begin preparations for the holy month of Ramadan as the expected start date is less than 2 months away.

According to astronomers, the 1st of Ramadan in Pakistan will be on March 11, but the final date will be announced by the Central Royat Hilal Committee after the sighting of the moon.

Muslims around the world will welcome Ramadan in March, thus this year Ramadan is coming in winter after 26 years.

Astronomers say that from 2024, Ramadan will continue to fall in winter, but for the first 2 years, the last part of Ramadan will be in spring.

According to astrologers, Ramadan will be in winter till 2031 and then it will come in autumn for 8 years i.e. till 2039.