Vikas Gupta is Helping People by Becoming an Angel

Bermo / Vikas Kumar Gupta, a social worker living in Bermo block located in the industrial city of Bokaro district of Jharkhand, is becoming increasingly popular by helping the needy. The interesting thing is that by tweeting in this regard, Ministers, Officers, etc. request for help, almost quick action is taken and help reaches the needy!

Vikas says that till now he has helped hundreds of needy people, the same Vikas also says that people are deprived of their rights due to lack of information, I help such people in every possible way! Our only goal is to help as many needy as possible and bring happiness to their faces!

Vikas Kumar Gupta, along with extending his hand in the business of his father Kanhaiya Gupta, is also engaged in helping people. He has completed his graduation from KB College. Vikas Gupta has three brothers, Ravi Gupta and Aman Gupta are the names of both the brothers and mother Manju Devi is a housewife.

Dozens of needy people helped by Bollywood actor Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood became the messiah of the needy in the Corona period, he has become a real life hero by continuously helping the needy. Vikas says that people come to us with complaints, I put their complaints in front of Sonu Sood sir, Sonu Sood sir, help by becoming a messiah Dozens of such people have got help on our initiative!

Recently, a child got successful heart surgery with the help of Sonu Sood sir, another child got hip surgery, some got school fees and some got hospital bills with the help of Sonu Sood. The same Sonu Sood is impressed by the work of development and praises it and says that Vikas is a wonderful person, very hardworking!

Vikas Gupta is the biggest fan of Sonu Sood
Social worker Vikas Kumar Gupta is a big fan of Sonu Sood, Vikas Gupta celebrated Sonu Sood’s birthday by cutting a cake among children by organizing an event in his village, in which stationery kits were distributed among dozens of children. Vikas Kumar Gupta explains Impressed by the works of Sonu Sood sir, I started helping people. Sonu Sood had congratulated Vikas on his birthday by sending an audio message on his birthday! Vikas says that being such a big celebrity gives such a big respect to a small social worker, it is a matter of pride for me!

Vikas Gupta featured in Italy’s La Stelle magazine

Social activist Vikas Kumar Gupta’s works are now being appreciated internationally. Let us tell you that the story of Vikas’s works has been made in the Italian magazine La Stelle and it has been published in Italy. Vikas said that it is a matter of pride for us. It is a matter of fact that I am flying the flag internationally, hundreds of people have congratulated me!