“I have a proven track record – not only in my own life, but also in my ability to improve the quality of people’s life to replicate my success. There’s a lot of chatter out there that sends the message that being a successful entrepreneur(sharing your talent, knowledge, life experience generating consistently income while experiencing unprecedented Abundance and Financial Freedom) is only for those who take action to being at right place and at the right time. Taking Action is so easy, simply not true! With commitment, enthusiasm, passion and the right guidance, anyone can do it. If you ‘d like to follow my guidance, and use my simple, proven, step-by-step coaching strategies and system for achieving exactly what you desire from the dept of your heart with your gifts and business”. Veronica Ceban

These are the beautiful thoughts of Veronica Ceban۔ what has she achieved in life and what are her plans for the future?, let’s take a look at her life;

Veronica Ceban is considered a Queen Strategist having the background in Communication Science, Marketing Science, Branding and Business Development. She’s helping, A Motivational Global Speaker and multiple Award Winner, the owner and founder of Business Power Academy, Global Talk-Show, online magazine GTS, Global Feminine Leadership Summit and the Elite Global Leadership Club and author of different books.

She participated at numerous INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES GLOBALY and has coached teams of Hunders of people arround the world. Veronica admittedly created projects which in the eyes of other people is unmaginable.

Veronica Ceban: A Queen Strategist, With A Beautiful Heart & Mind

She’s a women with a beautiful heart and mind, a women with huge values and norms who takes responsssability to create beautiful lives, a single mom who rised her daughter on her own.

Veronica Ceban: A Queen Strategist, With A Beautiful Heart & Mind
Veronica Ceban with her Daughter

Veronica is an international BUSINESS COACH & MARKETING STRATEGIST and best selling author. As heart-centered entrepreneur, has the ability to steward peace and love, wisdom what is essential to showing up powerfully in the lives of others and making the massive impact.

You will find this in-depth conversation during the call sessions which is incredibly powerful and something you will end up coming into a completly Transformational level by Mastering Your Life as you desire. She is diving into your Vision and desires and transforms your dreams into reality. She’s concrete, goaloriented and believes in actions and creativity.

All the pain, struglles and difficult marriage confrontations from her narcist ex-houseband has transformed her into a powerful women and intrepreneur who has huge life experience.
Veronica has travelled arround the world and visited almost 30 countries which enriches her knowledge working with multicultures, fact which transformerd her life completly.

What’s your plans for the future?

“To educate and serve my students Globaly transforming their life contributing to their: personal development growth, psychologicaly, emotional education, business growth and financial transformation”.

What you want to achieve?

“My Wealdest Dreams: collaborating with different infopreneurs arround the Glob, Motivating and Inspiring Global Leaders and to provide Education in the Transformational Business and NLP Industry coaching about 5.000.000 millions students”.

She is known as the Queen Strategist and is very talented, speaks five languages fluently and has a milionaire mindset capacity to transform lives. She’s admired for the powerful talent and role which she has in the entrepreneurship as a international entrepreneur who contributes to the improvement of this world.