Urtasker Hosts Digital Marketing Workshop for Journalists at NPC

Islamabad: Urtasker, a global eCommerce consulting agency organized a one-day workshop for journalists at National Press Club (NPC) in Islamabad as a part of their initiative to impart marketable digital skills to create successful freelancers and entrepreneurs along with their day jobs.

Highly equipped professionals of Urtasker; Nawazish Tawab, Natasha Kadri, M. Hassaan, and Osama Pirzada conducted the workshop and discussed the need for the media to have an in-depth understanding of emerging trends in the digital era. They emphasized that with the digital shift challenging old norms, it has become a necessity for the media to acquire skills to keep pace with emerging technologies.

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The workshop explores different digital marketing technologies and methodologies, including SEO, Social Media, SEM, Email Marketing, eCommerce, and Content Marketing that form the basis of current digital entrepreneurship. Nawazish and Natasha briefly explained the terms and details.

“Innovative trends in journalism are transforming traditional journalistic practices. New techniques of story-telling have now enhanced reporting styles with digital media platforms. Using these skills, the media can play an important role in creating a more digitally literate population”, President NPC Anwar Raza said.

Secretary NPC Khalil Raja said, “We are happy to see initiatives like these by Urtasker aimed at ensuring the journalist community plays an active role in ensuring the digital future of Pakistan”.

An MoU between Urtasker & National Press Club Islamabad was also signed by Osama Pirzada, Director HR Urtasker, and Khalil Raja Secretary NPC to work together for the creation of a positive learning environment where the journalists could get benefit by discovering the contemporary trends in digital marketing and eCommerce.

Journalists reporting on various beats including business and IT from print, electronic and digital mediums were part of the workshop.

Famous journalist Ammar Masood distributed certificates among journalists after the successful completion of the workshop jointly organized by Urtasker and National Press Club Islamabad.