India and Pakistan clash over Jammu Kashmir at the United Nations General Assembly’s annual session in every September. The match is always fixed. They accuse each other of occupying Jammu Kashmir illegally, yet work together on a British plan to divide Jammu Kashmir permanently. Although they never properly observed the cease fire declared by the United Nations back on first of January 1949, the cross border shelling would be intensified every July in Jammu Kashmir so that when they attend the UNGA session, they can argue with each.

The world is certainly not stupid as it can see that India and Pakistan agree to Jammu Kashmir’s forced division at home and argue at it abroad, but unfortunately, the political world we live in is dictated more by its self interests rather than normal values. The world knows that India and Pakistan entered Jammu Kashmir illegally back in 1947. They promised to withdraw troops but they didn’t. America tried to press on a just solution according to the wishes of the people of jk till early 1950s, but its priorities changed due to rivalry with the Soviet Union.

We urge America to reconsider its priorities and play a benign role towards a lasting and peaceful solution to Jammu Kashmir. Instead of working on a promised withdraw, , both India and Pakistan increased their troops, violated ceasefire and tightened their grip trying to change a temporary division into a permanent one. They barred public movement obstructing the family reunion in Jammu Kashmir, which they were not supposed to do. They both used Jammu Kashmir to divert attention from their internal problems and described it as a war for the people of Jammu Kashmir. India describes Jammu Kashmir as its integral part and Pakistan calls it as its jagular vein. Yet, they want to carve it off.

Our case was listed at the UN as a Kashmir Question, which was changed into India-Pakistan Question back in January 1949 at the request of Pakistan. They changed international Kashmir Issue into a territorial dispute under Simla Agreement in 1972. They barred pro independence Kashmiris from participating in general elections. Pakistan disbanded Azad Kashmir army in 1974 and clandestinely assisted India to install wires along the cease fire line of Jammu Kashmir to consolidate the status quo.

Pakistan imposed its Chief Secretary as a de facto ruler of Azad Kashmir, who always overrules AJK elected Executives. Pakistan abused the Karachi Agreement of 1949 with AJk government and abolished the State Subject Rule in Gilgit-Baltistan paving the way for India to follow suit in August 2019. This is why Pak premier Imran Khan urged the Kashmiri cronnies not to react to his Indian counterpart’s decision to abolish Jammu Kashmir’s Special Status.

Imran said he was going to fight for Kashmir as Kashmir’s International Ambassador, but the game was fixed. Imran Khan behaved like someone who would cry for Kashmir to keep Kashmiris silent until India can complete its plan and then he will say, well, we have to now merge AJk into Pakistan in order to protect it from India. The people of Jammu Kashmir trusted Pakistan but its corrupt rulers brought Pakistan down to Indian level on Kashmir Issue. Pakistan has badly lost the game and caught with red-handed.