There is No Difference Between Me and Babar Azam

Pakistan cricket team’s wicketkeeper batsman Muhammad Rizwan has talked about Captain Babar Azam & becoming the number one player in the T20 ranking.

PCB has shared a video of Muhammad Rizwan on Instagram in which he says, “I am so happy to become number one that Allah has given me the position where people used to say that Rizwan is not a six.” He can kill, otherwise I and Babar Azam are inseparable.

Mohammad Rizwan said that there is no difference between me and captain Babar Azam, the number one is him or me, it doesn’t matter, the happiness is that the record was with Pakistan and it is still with Pakistan.

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Talking about the conversation he had with Iftikhar before the match against New Zealand in the past, Muhammad Rizwan said that Iftikhar told me that day in the car that today is the last match of your career Rizwan because I was not fed even in PSL. I was going and I was thinking that now I will not be given the T20 World Cup, but I was just working hard and praying to Allah.

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