Hareem Shah recently shared a photo on Instagram of a man and a woman holding hands. The photo went viral and the male hand in the photo was considered to be Hareem’s husband’s hand. The truth has come out in this regard.

Regarding the photo shared on Hareem Shah’s Instagram account, businessman Hassan Iqbal claims that the hand in the photo is his.

Sharing more photos with Geo News, Hassan Iqbal claimed that the watch and ring tied to the male hand in the viral photo are all his, while the hand of the woman in the photo belongs to his friend instead of the Harem.

Hassan Iqbal said that he did not know where Hareem Shah took this picture from. Hareem herself has admitted that this picture has nothing to do with her marriage.

It may be recalled that Hassan Iqbal has been seen with Hareem Shah in various tuk-tuk videos before.

Yesterday, Tik Tok star Hareem Shah claimed to be married to a Sindh minister and said that she would reveal her name soon.

Hareem Shah shared a picture of herself in a bridal dress and a picture of a woman’s hand in a man’s hand on social media.