The Thailand Summer Festival 2023 Organized in Vienna

The Thailand Fabulous Summer Festival 2023 was organized on 9 June 2023 Ernst-Happel Stadium, Meieriestraße 7, 1020 at Vienna, the capital of Austria. It was attended by a large number of people from the Thailand community Austrian Community and international communities. The organizers of this festival, Mag Sophida Chanvichai said that the aim of the festival is to provide all the Thai and foreign food to the people and also to increase the vibrancy of the city. She said that the main objective of this festival is to introduce the people of Vienna to Thai culture and bring the citizens closer together and there can be no better way to achieve this than through the festival.

This was the highlight of this festival Thai food and handicrafts were also well appreciated by the participants. At the festival in Vienna, cultural organizations of different Thailand associations set up their stalls and showcased the colors of their culture through traditional food, clothing, music and handicrafts and made the participants of the festival aware of the history and culture of their countries. Tried to attract tourism by providing information.

Special Chief guest of that festival Ph.d.Assoj Worabhuri Moolsin President of Green Earth environment sustainability Association. He said I want to thank all of you especially the organizers who invited me to this occasion. I am very happy to be here. He said more Festivals are a reflection of the culture of any nation. They are not only a means of providing quality entertainment but also help in exposing the culture as well as attracting the youth towards positive activities.

A cultural and fashion show was also organized by the Thailand community in this festival. The special music, songs and the spectacular display of various regional costumes of  Thailand were well received at the event. This program was moderated by Markus Sethaler who welcomed all the people to the program and moderated the program very brilliantly. We were included in the programs of the festival, Thai Classical Dance Show With Nong Mai Meang Surin, folk music show with Chok & Phet, Nong Mai Meang Surin group show “Welcome to Thailand” at the opening ceremony, Reception by the President Mag. Sophida Chanvichai, The Chair opens the event, Thai Folk Music Live by “ Sear Lam Sing-Sing Lam Peren, Thai Boxing Show with Lion Muay Thai Team- Hungary, Nong Mai Meang Surin group show, Wushu Chinese Show by Slovak, Thai Model Show, Singing by Johann and Thai Folk Music Live with Chok & Phet.

At the end of the night, people had fun at the festival, or at the end, the organizer of the festival Mag Sophida Chanvichai, thanking everyone for coming to the festival.