Spanish medical experts have discovered that spots, blisters and swelling on the tongue can also be caused by Covid 19. They collectively call these symptoms the ‘COVID tongue’. To determine the apparent symptoms of coronavirus, they examined 666 patients with COV 19 with an average age of about 58 years, including 42% of men and 58% of women. About half (47.1%) of these patients were from Latin America

After searching the medical records and other details of all these individuals, it was found that a total of 304 (45.7) patients had at least one symptom due to the coronavirus in their mouth. Coronavirus caused 11.5% of patients to have blisters on the tongue and 6.6% had swelling in the front of the tongue. 6.9% of the patients had swollen tongues and blisters which made it difficult for them to eat, drink, chew and speak. 5.3% of patients reported a general taste of tongue taste and chest irritation. In the light of this research, experts say that the symptoms of Covid 19 should include pustules, blisters, and swelling on the tongue to further improve the diagnosis of this epidemic. Note: This research is published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Dermatology.