VIENNA: Leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan Ahmad Masoud said in the press conference in Press Club Concordia Vienna Austria.

Opportunity for success in Afghanistan” that the world “must stand firm against the Taliban” by engaging with all parties in Afghanistan.

The leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan Ahmad Masoud has called on the international community to help deliver a new future for his country, saying there is now a unique opportunity to bring about change. Countries, which were against the presence of American international forces in Afghanistan, and for that reason supported the Taliban, are not doing so now,” he told Borges in the Global Conversation. “So, therefore, this is an opportunity that can lead to success.

Above all, the people, the new generation, and especially women, they don’t want the situation to continue,” he said. “So we will prevail, we will succeed, but we need the world’s attention and support now, before it becomes too late. Masoud, the son of famed resistance fighter Ahmad Shah Masoud, says the Taliban movement is weakened by internal divisions and its inability to govern effectively.

And he says the absence of foreign troops in the country has created a chance for Afghanistan to a new beginning. Today, when this press conference was being held, two groups of Afghanistan’s protested, one group which was in favor of Ahmad Masood and the other group which was against Ahmad Masood, both of them participated in large number of people.