ISLAMABAD: The government has finalized the Ramadan relief package on utility stores.

According to sources, the Ramadan package will be applicable to utility stores from April 10 and under the package, a subsidy of Rs 7.84 billion has been allocated while 19 items will be given a subsidy of Rs 10 to 90 per clot.

Sources said that under the Ramadan package, the maximum subsidy will be Rs 90 per kg on ghee, Rs 40 on sugar and Rs 31.38 per kg on flour, while under the Ramadan package, sugar will be sold at the current rate of Rs 68 per kg. ۔

According to sources, a 20 kg bag of flour will be sold at the current rate of Rs 800, besides ghee will be available at Rs 170 per kg, a subsidy of Rs 20 per kg on edible oil and Rs 15 per kg on dal gram, dal mash and dal. Peanuts will be subsidized at Rs 10.10 per kg, lentils at Rs 30, white gram at Rs 25 and basin at Rs 20 per kg.

Sources said that a subsidy of Rs 20 per kg has been allocated for dates, rice, basmati, sesame, Rs 10, 10 per kg, broken rice, Rs 50 per kg for tea and Rs 20 per kg for milk. A subsidy of Rs. 20 per bottle will be given.

Under the Ramadan package, 10 per cent subsidy will be given on spices, while under the Ramadan package, Rs 100 million has been allocated for media awareness campaign.


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