ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet has rejected a proposal to import cotton from India. The ECC had proposed to import cotton to India on a low price basis.

According to details, a meeting of the federal cabinet was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which the decision regarding resumption of trade with India was considered.

The federal cabinet has rejected the Economic Co-ordination Committee’s proposal to import cotton from India.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shirin Mazari had said in a message on the social networking site Twitter that the decisions of the ECC need to be approved by the cabinet and the decisions are considered by the government only after cabinet approval. Today, the Cabinet will consult on the ECC’s decision to trade with India and only after consultation will the government take a final decision on trade with India.
On the other hand, PTI leader Farrukh Habib while talking in ARY News program Bakhbar Sawira had said that the price of sugar will come down if it is imported from India. Past governments have not taken any steps related to Chinese cotton. Be self-sufficient in your affairs.

Yesterday, the Economic Co-ordination Committee approved the import of cotton and sugar from India