The basic aim of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is to provide better and safe working environment to workers in any workplace. For this purpose there are some safety measures for workers in every field of work. The development in the field of OHS is not old more than 50 to 60 years according to modern and developed countries. But concept of OHS in Islam is as old as men in this universe. All the Prophets of Allah were sent in this world for the wellbeing and safety of humanity. The prophets had given the basic principles for the safety of their followers. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) also presents important principles for the safety of his followers especially and generally for whole humanity by saying: “There is reward for kindness to every living thing.”

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) also said that “The Compassionate One (Allah) has mercy on those who are merciful. If you show mercy to those who are on the earth, He who is in the heaven will show mercy to you.” [ Sunan Abu Dawood, Hadith no.49]

As it is noticed and observed that in Pakistan, every year the workers are still facing fatal accidents or injuries at their workplace, despite of forceful occupational health and safety campaigns and initiatives. Why this happen in an Islamic country? The reply of this question is very simple that employers of workplaces are not performing their duties according to the teachings of Islam. The employers are not showing their responsibilities about safety of workers at workplace. The fatal accidents and injuries can be minimized or controlled at workplace if employers and workers both together act upon the teachings Islam. The above Hadees tells that all employers being a Muslim must observe and provide safe and healthy working environment (workplace) to their workers.

The teaching of Islam requires that workplace should be secure and safe. The workplace should not like be that it would put life of workers in a danger. The safety of human being is the basic aim of Islam. The Holy Quran says “AND WHOEVER SAVES LIFE OF ONE PERSON, IT IS AS IF HE HAS SAVED THE ENTIRE HUMANITY” (Al-Quran : Surah Al_Maidah 5, ayat 32)

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So being a Muslim the employers must provide proper training and personal protective equipments (PPEs) to their workers. Under the Islamic concept of occupational health and safety the Employers are responsible to provide a safe workplace to workers. The workers must use PPEs and also strictly follow the health and safety measures to safe their levies.

The employers should think that workers are same like their brothers and sisters. They work for their needs and also for our needs. Workers are our helpers. We depend upon workers for many things as we cannot do for ourselves. So workers should not be given work beyond their capacity. Unfortunately if they get injured at work then they must be compensated. Children and minors must be prohibited from work. Give proper safe environment for women’s.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Yours brothers are your responsibility. Allah has made them under your hands. So whosoever has a brother under his hand, let him give him food as he eats and dress as he dresses. Do not give them work that will overburden them and if you give them such task then provide them assistance.” [Al-Bukhari]