The 48th OIC Council in Pakistan : 140 Resolutions Presented

ISLAMABAD: The meeting of the 48th Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has begun at the Parliament House.

The 48th OIC Council of Foreign Ministers is attended by foreign ministers, observers and guests from 57 Muslim countries.

140 resolutions including Kashmir, Palestine and Islamophobia will be presented in the meeting while terrorism and conflict resolution are at the top of the agenda.
Address by Prime Minister Imran Khan

Addressing the OIC Council meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Muslims are one and a half billion but they are not given importance, all Muslim countries have their own foreign policy.

“Muslims have been linked to terrorism, religion has nothing to do with terrorism, Islamophobia is a reality, we have to make our statement,” he said. Resolution passed.

The Prime Minister said that there is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the people there do not like anyone to dictate to them, 40 years have passed and no nation has been affected like Afghanistan.

Prime Minister’s advice to Islamic countries to remain neutral

He further said that India was making Muslims a minority by bringing people from outside in Kashmir, adding that India had illegally terminated the special status of Kashmir.

Addressing the meeting, the Prime Minister suggested joint efforts of OIC and China for a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine and advised the Islamic countries to remain neutral.

Imran Khan said that instead of going to a block and being a part of the war, stay united and become partners in peace.

Address by Saudi Foreign Minister

Addressing the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that the people of Yemen were being provided humanitarian assistance while the international community should play its role for a just solution to the Kashmir issue.

He said that they want a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem in accordance with international resolutions.

Address by the Secretary General of the OIC

Addressing the meeting, the OIC Secretary General said that he would continue to defend the interests of the Muslim Ummah, the Yemeni people are being badly affected by the conflict, the bloodshed in Yemen should be stopped immediately and the issue should be resolved peacefully. A lasting solution is essential.

He said that the Kashmiri people should be given the right to self-determination in accordance with the UN resolutions. Emphasizes

The OIC Secretary-General condemned the genocidal act of the Palestinian people and the attack on the civilian population by Houthi rebels.

He added that Afghans are in touch with the international community for peace, and there is a need to intensify Afghan peace efforts with Afghan officials and international partners.

The OIC Secretary General said that Rohingya Muslims fully support and demand honorable repatriation of Rohingya Muslim refugees.