Targeted Killing in Kashmir is a conspiracy

I had issued a statement last week that the targeted killings of Kashmiri Pundit and teachers in Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir looked like a conspiracy to either cause sectarian violence or launch a planned arrest. Now, unprecedented 1400 arrests have supported my suspicion.

The point is that there is a conventional army of nine hundred thousand indian soldiers in addition to police force and border force. How can anyone so easily carry out the killing and how can such a big force fail to spot the killers? 1400 people are certainly not responsible for five killings. It is just an excuse to suppress the indigenous movement.

Secondly, the indigenous movement of Jammu Kashmir has never targeted their fellow citizens regardless of their religious backgrounds. It is certainly those who have always tried to discredit the indigenous movement of Jammu Kashmir for the reunification of our homeland. No right-minded supporter of an independent Jammu Kashmir can possibly support sectarianism. Therefore, India must release the innocent people immediately and look for a long- term solution to Jammu Kashmir in order to concentrate on its own social and economic improvement.