T20 World Cup: Demand for Cancellation of Pak-India match

Mumbai : Demand for cancellation of T20 World Cup high voltage match Pak-India match came up.

The 2021 World Cup has begun, with the qualifying phase as well as the practice matches of the teams underway.

Voices are being raised from India to cancel the match between Pakistan and India.

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Union Minister Gree Raj Singh has said that the Pak-India match should be reconsidered as the relations between the two countries are not good and the match should be considered till the relations improve.

He said that the situation on Pak-India borders was not very good and there was tension between the two sides for a long time.

Punjab Minister Pragat Singh also demanded cancellation of the Pak-India match and said that any action that could lead to deterioration of relations between the two countries should be avoided.