We have Reduced Petrol Price by Rs 20 and Fazal Ur Rehman : IK

Quetta : Prime Minister Imran Khan says that our former rulers took properties in areas of London where even the British Prime Minister could not take.

Addressing a function in Quetta, PM Imran Khan said that we have started development projects for Balochistan, in two and a half years 3300 km of roads have been planned and started working on them.

He said that Gangaram built a hospital in Lahore, the whole world admires him, the world remembers those who do something for humanity.

“When we came to power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2013, it was most affected by terrorism. 500 policemen were martyred. The police were frustrated. Our opponents used to say, ‘Where is Pakhtunkhwa and New Pakistan?’ Then we got a two-thirds majority in the 2018 elections in KP, a two-thirds majority because poverty was reduced there.

The Prime Minister said that according to the UNDP report, poverty was reduced the fastest in KP, while according to UNDP, the highest investment on human beings was made in KP.

Criticizing the former rulers, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that our rulers took properties in the richest areas of London, in those areas of London where even the British Prime Minister could not take place.

He said that in the past, Balochistan was not given the attention it deserved and that is why the province has lagged behind.