Karachi: Leading Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has chosen a life partner and she is getting married soon.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has a lot of buzz on social media these days and the reason is Saba Qamar’s bold photo shoot, where the actress faced criticism for her bold photos, a great user wrote that let’s get married this year On which Saba Qamar surprisingly said that it is acceptable.

Sabaqmar’s response caused a stir on social media. However, she confirmed that she is going to get married soon and that her spouse is the same social media user whom the actress is dating. Had said yes.
Saba Qamar said, “I have found the person with whom I should now settle down. I have always been against marriage but it changed my mind and persuaded me to marry, if all.” If things go well, we will get married soon.

Saba Qamar while talking about her spouse said that Azeem is the person who had asked me to get married in the post. Azeem is from Karachi but is currently living in Australia. The actress did not reveal the date of her marriage, but she did ask for prayers from the fans.