Moscow: Russia has begun considering building its own space station. This was stated by the International Journal of Science and Technology.

Russia’s National Space Corporation (Roscosmos) says Russia is considering ending its dependence on the International Space Station and building its own space station, according to the international magazine.

According to the agency, Russia will decide whether to continue its work on the International Space Station after 2024 after the completion of its technical situation and plans to build a national space station.

“We have agreed with our International Space Station partners to work together on the station until 2024,” the Russian National Space Agency said in a statement.

Roscosmos says that after this period, the technical condition of the modules of the current International Space Station, which has almost expired, so he decided to work with the existing International Space Station after the installation of a new generation National Space Service Station. Will go

According to the magazine, Rusco Samos has made it clear that as soon as these issues are decided, talks with the partners will begin after 2024 on the terms of cooperation.

The administration of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov had earlier announced that the current space station had expired and its life was cut short.

He said that in order to avoid any danger in case of accidents, it was necessary to conduct a technical inspection of the station and then a decision should be taken.

President Putin’s program on Russia 1 TV station is that Russia can leave ISS in 2025.

Borisov broadcast the program Moscow on Russia 1 TV station. The Kremlin told Putin in an interview that Russia could leave the International Space Station in 2025.