We have Reduced Petrol Price by Rs 20 and Fazal Ur Rehman : IK

Sargodha: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that bringing the powerful to justice has improved the situation.

Talking to media in Sargodha, PM Imran Khan said that two or three changes would take place in the federal cabinet in a few days.

Replying to a question about Jahangir Tareen, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that in one and a half years, the price of sugar suddenly went up by Rs 26, Rs 140 billion went into the pockets of sixty-seven sugar mills.

Returned, the protection of the people is the responsibility of the government, be ready to listen to everyone but it is not possible that there is a separate law for the rich and the poor, if anyone has reservations I can talk, people who have billions He had evidence of corruption.

Imran Khan said that weak class has never been thought of in Pakistan, if society does not punish then there will be no benefit. Yes, inflation is a small cause of a big problem in the country, I am monitoring the Ramadan package myself.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of a project to build low cost houses in Sargodha. Addressing the function on the occasion, he congratulated the Punjab Chief Minister on the project and said that for the first time in the history of the country, the common man is getting his own house, this project is for those who cannot build their own house.

Imran Khan said that people have registered to live in these areas, people’s demand is high, we do not have so many houses.

The Prime Minister said that the house will be yours in 10 years on 10,000 monthly installments. If you pay 5,000 installments, the house will be yours in 20 years. By the end of the year, housing projects will be started in all tehsils of Punjab. The economic revolution is coming.

PM Imran Khan further said that 40% of the people of Karachi live in Katchi Abadi because they have never been given a home, Katchi Abadi has no property rights and no facilities, unless there was a law, the bank was ready to give loans No, banks were not in the habit of giving loans to small people. It took us two years to get the law passed by the court. I am thankful to the judiciary for passing the law.