HitHigh Events & Dimitrie Cantemir Association Joins Hand for Online Experience Exchange Project

The Dimitrie Cantemir Professional Training Providers Association from Romania and HitHigh Events from the United Arab Emirates joined hands for the implementation of the 360º Experience Exchange project between Romanian communities funded by The Department for Romanians Abroad.

This project connects representatives of the Romanian diaspora communities from all over the world in order to get to know each other and exchange cultural, social and commercial information. Along with these two organizations, The Romanian- Helenic Dacia Intercultural Association from Greece, Innovation Center from Canada and The Ioana Academy Association with activity in Spain are also partners in the project. These partners have the role of promoting the project in their communities and mobilizing as many members as possible to participate in the activities.

Left: Ioana Albada (Co-founder of HitHigh Event Agency). Right: Cristina Antonela Sofronia (Founder of the Dimitrie Cantemir Association)

While talking to the Journalist Rana Ali Zohaib, the Co-founder of HitHigh event agency Miss Ioana Albada explained that participating in an online exchange experience between Romanian communities can offer numerous advantages, facilitating cross-cultural interaction and fostering connections among people from different backgrounds.

Cultural Exchange: “Online exchanges provide a platform for sharing and celebrating Romanian culture, traditions, language, and heritage. Participants can learn about the diverse aspects of Romanian culture, from regional differences to historical influences, thereby promoting a sense of national identity and pride”.

The second advantage is Language Learning: “Engaging in conversations with members of different Romanian communities online is an excellent opportunity to practice and improve language skills. It can enhance participants’ proficiency in Romanian, fostering better communication and understanding”.

“Networking is much important in this digital era, so Online exchanges allow participants to connect with individuals from various regions of Romania. These connections can be valuable for future personal and professional opportunities, such as career development, collaborations, and friendships”. She Added.

Global Perspective: Interacting with Romanians from different communities offers a broader perspective on the country’s socio-economic, political, and cultural diversity. This can lead to a more informed and nuanced understanding of Romania as a whole.

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills: Participants can develop effective cross-cultural communication skills, learning how to navigate cultural differences and work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds. These skills are valuable in a globalized world and can be applied in various personal and professional settings.

Breaking Stereotypes: Online exchanges can help break down stereotypes and misconceptions that people might have about different Romanian communities. Personal interactions and shared experiences can challenge preconceived notions and promote empathy and understanding.

Increased Tolerance and Inclusivity: Engaging in online exchanges promotes tolerance, respect, and inclusivity among participants. It encourages open-mindedness and acceptance of different cultural practices and beliefs, which can contribute to a more inclusive society.

Personal Growth: Participation in online exchanges can lead to personal growth and self-discovery. Exposure to different perspectives and experiences can challenge one’s own beliefs and broaden one’s horizons, leading to personal development.

Cost-Effective: Online exchanges are often more cost-effective than traditional in-person exchanges, as they eliminate the need for travel and accommodation expenses. This makes them accessible to a wider range of participants.

Flexibility: Online exchanges offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and participation. Participants can engage in activities and discussions at their convenience, making it easier for individuals with busy schedules to take part.

Environmental Benefits: Reduced travel associated with online exchanges can have positive environmental impacts by lowering carbon emissions and reducing the overall ecological footprint of the exchange program.

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“Online exchange experiences between Romanian communities offer a plethora of advantages, from promoting cultural understanding and language skills to fostering personal growth and global connections. These virtual exchanges can play a crucial role in building bridges among different communities and enriching the lives of those who participate”. Ioana concluded.