Return of Nawaz Sharif and Irritation of Imran Khan

By: Shahid Kazmi

Something big is going to happen in Political Drama in Pakistan. Imran Khan is really feeling irritated now. Sources confirming the inner story of uneasiness within Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Pakistan. Not only irritation but worried faces of PTI big guns are now really visible. Defeat in first phase of local government elections in KP already jolted front line defense of PTI and now the comeback of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is really hurting their cause of “Tabdeeli”.

According to sources, the PTI leadership is on one page to create at least some kind of drama regarding the return of MMNS back to the pavilion, to home land. This policy is adopted by the PTI leadership because they are now of the opinion that decision making powers are now in a mood to give fair play in the politics arena of Pakistan. This is no doubt disturbing not only for the PTI but also for PPPP.

PTI was optimistic to win the first leg of LG elections in KP, but unfortunately it wasn’t the case. And now rumors regarding the return of MNS are creating more disturbances to the already shaken PTI. After the defeat of LG elections in KP, it is now becoming hard to take a strong stance on the Nawaz Sharif issue, as well as to defend performance regarding the current ongoing economical crisis in Pakistan.

Imran Khan was playing freely as he dissolved the all offices of PTI after the defeat in LG Election KP, and he was in mood to take the wheel as he already decided to grab decision making into his own hands in the second leg of LG Elections in KP. But as Nawaz Sharif issue is on rise in Pakistan, IK is now seems to be busy on both fronts, second Phase of LG Elections in KP and return of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Let us all imagine, Nawaz Sharif is captured upon arrival in Pakistan and he may face a trial following some time behind bars, he will surely avail some political scores. There are some rumors that MNS is assured of a fair trial, and if he gets a clean chit after a fair trial, he can surely continue another Politics Inning. If this is the case, where is Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf standing then? Why is Imran Khan so irritated by rumors about Mian Muahmmad Nawaz Sharif? Why is the PTI leadership showing concerns regarding the back of NS & co? What is going on to settle the ongoing rifts? All questions are going to be answered in the latter half of January 2022. And right now, all answers seem to be not in favor of PTI.

Public opinion is now on a rise that; even if MNS set to be behind bars on his arrival to homeland, he will also use this for upcoming LG Elections in Punjab as well as in KP second phase of LG Elections. It is now already in discussion that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is now thinking positively to rejoin Political Stage of Pakistan. Imran Khan is irritated with ongoing discussions about MNS and irritation is also visible in his decisions.