Abdul Quayyum Raja Writes A letter to High Commissioner of UNHCHR

ISLAMABAD : On the opening of the Book of Condolences at the Embassy of Iran Islamabad to express sympathy with the victims of brutal attack by ISIS at the Holy Shrine of Shiraz Iran on 26 October, killing 15 innocent people, a senior leader of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Columnist and Reformist.

Quayyum Raja's Message to the Embassy of Iran
Holy Shrine of Shiraz, where ISIS is suspected of a terrorist attack


Quayyum Raja has sent a message of sympathy to the people of Iran through its Islamabad based Embassy. Quayyum Raja said the people of Iran are very brave and patient and hopes they will bear this loss and continue their efforts for peace in the country and the region. He has urged all the Muslim states to join hands with each other to bring about a peace and stability in the Muslim World.

Quayyum Raja has regretted he failed to visit the Embassy to offer condolences due to personal reasons, but says his heart goes out to the victims and their families.