Targeted Killing in Kashmir is a conspiracy

Quayyum Raja’s Draft Text to various Ambassadors to Islamabad on Indian Supreme’s Decision on JK Status.

Your Excellency,

By violating their own Indian constitution, the Indian Supreme Court has yesterday upheld Prime Minister Modi’s 5 August 2019 unlawful and arbitrary decision to abrogate the Special Status of Jammu Kashmir.
Jammu Kashmir is an International Issue, which neither India nor Pakistan can resolve on their own – not least because the main party to any dialogue – the Kashmiri people – has been excluded. Over hundred thousand people have been killed during the ongoing uprising and the people of Jammu Kashmir will not accept any unilateral decision by an illegal occupier.

For the sake of Regional and International Peace, we believe that justice should be a common cause of all nations and communities. Therefore, we appeal to everyone to support our peaceful efforts to resolve the issue of Jammu Kashmir in the light of the free will of our people. The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front had been persuaded by many diplomats to agree to a ceasefire on the pledge that the International Community would support a dialogue to resolve the issue for a lasting peace not least via the plebiscite expected as per UN resolutions.

Therefore, we expect the International Community to stand by its words and support the Occupied People rather than occupiers.

It should be stated that this decision by the Indian Supreme Court while invalid in the Occupied territory appears to have as its sole purpose that it would further allow the Kashmiri people to be terrorised by the Indian military whose human rights abuses have been well documented in spite of the media blackouts. Further violence should be avoided but appears inevitable.

We therefore call upon Your Excellency to raise this matter with your Indian counterparts and I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Quayyum Raja
Center for Jammu Kashmir Public Diplomacy.
Mobile 03045150403
WhatsApp 03448909960

12th of December 2023